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BWTSA to lead 'Leadership Coaching Pledge'

The Brooke Weston Teaching School Alliance is delighted to announce that they have been selected to lead the ‘Leadership Coaching Pledge’ Project in the North West South Central London region. This project is specifically aimed at providing support for women in leadership positions and supporting women to secure leadership roles in education

The project, funded by the Teaching School Council, will have one project lead school in each of the eight regions across the country.

The School Workforce Census shows that 66% of headteachers are female, compared to 74% of all classroom teachers, meaning that women are under-represented in leadership positions.

In the latest available data (2016):

  • 73% of heads in primary schools were female, compared with 85% of all female teachers in primary schools.
  • 39% of heads in secondary schools were female, compared with 62% of all female teachers in secondary schools.

Director of Brooke Weston Teaching School Alliance Mrs Cristina Taboada-Naya said ‘We are proud to be working with Women Leading in Education Networks and the Teaching School Council on such an important project and look forward to building on the excellent work that is already taking place. Our role will be to maximise and facilitate opportunities for women to become coaches or receive high quality coaching support from local and regional networks. Our overarching aim is to identify and support more women with their career progression into leadership.’

‘Leadership Coaching Pledge’ events will take place across the region offering training for women in education that want to develop their coaching skills and offer their support to other women. There will be three events per term to ensure that as many women as possible have the opportunity to attend.

If you would like to come along to one of the events please contact for further information. 

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