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Visit by Trust Director Mr Heneage Stevenson

Trust Director Mr Heneage Stevenson toured Kettering Science Academy and spoke to students and staff about a variety of educational topics during a recent fact-finding trip.  He met Associate Principal Tony Segalini and Vice Principals Kirsty Farrar and Dr Andy Kirk before having round-table discussions with staff, students and other members of the senior leadership team.

Student council representatives from all year groups, and the Head Boy and Head Girl, met Mr Stevenson. Then the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors talked about their role, the success of the programme and some of the issues they raise awareness of including LGBT, religion, mental health topics and cyber bullying.

Mykala Durkon from Year 12 said: ‘The programme helps us to deal with issues appropriately and it is about knowing that, as students, we can be there for people who need it, and also liaise with teachers. It has made me confident and is about raising awareness and challenging prejudice on any kind of topic as there is a strong support service in place.’

Mr Stevenson also met Mrs Debbie Thomas, the school’s Safeguarding Lead, and heard about the CPOMS online management system that has been introduced across Trust schools to ensure that issues are tracked and dealt with appropriately. The Senior Leadership Team spoke about the school’s role in the town, its progress and aspirations for the future.

Mr Stevenson toured the school and visited lessons in the English and science faculties as well as having words of encouragement for the high achieving Sixth Form students that are applying for places at Oxbridge and other prestigious universities this autumn.

Afterwards Mr Stevenson said: ‘I was involved in the development of Corby Business Academy and, since then, have retained an interest in education and the Brooke Weston Trust. I was very keen to meet students to find out what is going on at Kettering Science Academy, to see if their day to day experiences match the reports we get at our meetings.’

Associate Principal Mr Segalini said: ‘We really enjoyed welcoming Mr Stevenson here and hope that he enjoyed meeting people who all have very different roles and experience. The discussions were open and honest and Mr Stevenson asked some probing questions to ensure that he had information on a wide range of topics affecting school life. We were delighted to show him around and are grateful that he took time out of his busy schedule to come and see our school in action.’

To see a gallery of pictures of the visit click here.

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