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Beanfield has its first Wellbeing and Attendance Week

Beanfield Primary School is launching an action-packed week of activities focusing on Wellbeing and Attendance.

The team, led by Sarah Fleming, has designed activities so students and staff can focus on mindfulness and the things that empowers them and makes them happy.  It is the first time that the school has had a dedicated wellbeing week and they decided to combine it with attendance to have maximum impact. It starts on Monday.

The students will design personalised ‘power shields’ emblazoned with their hopes and aspirations and will also draw themselves surrounded by descriptions of their individual strengths in a ‘positive face’ exercise.

All classes and staff will take part in mindfulness and yoga sessions and there will also be two lunchtime outdoor discos plus a mufti day called ‘Wear What Makes You Happy.’

Fathers and father figures will be invited in for the school’s first ever father’s day ‘craft and cake’ event with birdboxes to paint, cards to make and a special cake made by chef Kevin Dainty.

Staff’s wellbeing is also being promoted with an innovative ‘shout-out board’ where they can post positive comments about their colleagues and it will be a permanent fixture in the school from now on.

Education Welfare Assistant Callum Reilly will be delivering two assemblies about how students can keep themselves safe and the Glee club will be performing a song called Wonder all about empowerment.

Attendance is another key strand of promotion and the team has already set a homework project for students to design a mascot or slogan. The winning one from each Key Stage will be adopted throughout the school. Students earn points for their attendance and there will be special triple points next week. The Key Stage that gets the most points this academic year will be rewarded; with a party for Key Stage 1 or a trip to Wicksteed Park if Key Stage 2 wins. Next week there will also be a one-off prize draw of cinema vouchers for a student in each Key Stage who has 100% attendance.

Ms Fleming, the Child Protection and Safeguarding Manager, said: ‘We do lots of wonderful things for attendance and wellbeing so we thought we would combine and promote the two strands in the same week with lots of fun activities. We have got a really good team with lots of experience, knowledge, drive and passion. We are all about empowering children, breaking down barriers, working with families, helping in crises and dealing with any issues that arise.’

The Wellbeing Team:  Callum Reilly, Gary Chisholm, Sarah Fleming and Debbie Smith.


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