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Brooke Weston Academy’s success stories

Brooke Weston Academy’s top performers were celebrating as they each achieved eight grades at the top rated 9, plus a further A+ in business studies.

Emily Brown and Rajan Khunti got near identical results, each scoring top grades in maths, English, English literature, biology, chemistry, physics and history, plus an A* in business studies. Emily got a further 9 in German and an A* in further maths while Rajan’s extra 9 was in history and he had an A** in further maths.

Emily said: ‘I am coming back to Sixth Form to do biology, chemistry and maths. I definitely want to do


something in the science area because that is something I have developed quite a passion for.  I had no idea that I would get these sorts of results. I was most surprised by my English grades, it has always been one of my favourite subjects but I find it nerve-wracking because it is such a subjective subject.

‘All of my teachers have been really good, but my tutor Mrs Price has been helpful. Exams got very stressful at times but I also do ballroom dancing so that was my escape from it all. It definitely helped!’


Rajan said: ‘I am proud of further maths because when I saw that A^ I was so pleased. I struggled with history a lot. I was staying on and making sure that I knew my content and my exam technique. Thankfully it all paid off. I am coming back to study maths, further maths and chemistry and am undecided about the fourth. I really have no idea where I want to go with my career so I am just keeping all my options open. I will celebrate with my family and friends. I stayed behind every day since Year 10 for two hours and if I had the willpower I might do a further half an hour at home. The important thing is to have a balance between revising and relaxing. Knowing your limit is very important.’


Ella Brereton got eight 9s, an 8 and an A* in further maths. She said: ‘I put it down to a lot of hard

work I am most proud of the 9 in art as I was really trying to work towards that and put extra pieces in for my coursework. I am coming back to do English Lit at A level and maths. I am not too sure what I want to do eventually, but I would like my own business or something like that. The trick to it is consistency and practice, doing little bits each night as it adds up.’


Abbie Wallace also had matching results to Ella. She said: ‘I am going to stay here to study biology, maths and Spanish as I want to go and study marine biology at Plymouth University. I have been a diver since I was ten and I am involved in marine conservation through the charity, the Manta Trust. I have got a passion for it and have worked with them for the past few years. I am really pleased with these results and am happiest with chemistry and physics as I never found them easy so I definitely didn’t expect to get a nine in them.’


We will be posting further stories about BWA’s students’ successes tomorrow.

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