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CTS's successes #2

Here’s more news about our students from Corby Technical School who are celebrating GCSE exam success:

Lucy Walpole attained a 7 in maths, 6s in physics, biology, English and English Literature and computer science plus a 5 in chemistry. She said: ‘I have been here since Year 7 and it’s been great. I would advise other students to just do your best, concentrate and believe in yourself. I am most pleased about my 7 in maths and 6s in English as I wasn’t expecting that. I think I will do biology, health and social and psychology at A Level with a view to doing nursing as a career.’ 

Taylor Spence is also celebrating a 7 in maths, 6 in history, five strong passes at Grade 5 and other qualifications. She said: ‘I am going to stay on to do A Levels. I am not sure what yet but I will do what I enjoy. I knew I had done enough to pass but getting these results was scary!  I have been here since Year 7 and the best thing is honestly the staff as they always help you and always push you to the next step, even if it is getting from a 5 to a 6, or an 8 to a 9. They treat everyone the same and that is what has been encouraging for me because I am not as strong in other subjects and I have always got help. That has shown in my grade 7 in maths as I was on a 5 in December. The staff are very encouraging to get to the next point. I was looking at going into catering but ideally I want to go into psychology and see where that takes me.’

(Lucy and Taylor are pictured above with Alexandra).

Stephen and Daniela

Stephen Mynes and Daniela Mendes are both celebrating A grades in media studies alongside a raft of other good results. Stephen said: ‘I enjoyed media, it was something I was passionate about so I was always trying my hardest. The best part of it was making the beginning of a TV programme with other people. We have had some good teachers.'

Daniela said:  ‘My favourite part was probably the exam because I like analysing films and I would like to do an A Level in it. I was also really pleased with my 7 and 6 in English and English Literature. I will probably study psychology, media studies, English literature and art and I hope to do something creative.’

Stephen is hoping to do either an apprenticeship to become an IT technician or else he may go to college to do a film, TV and radio course. ‘They are my passions and I am going to see which road I take.’

Frederico Ribeiro is very pleased with his eight strong passes which included an  8 Maths, 6s in four


other subjects and a further two graded at 5.

He said: ‘I am staying on to do maths, further maths, physics and engineering. I wasn’t expecting my English results – I got a 6 in English Literature and 5 in English Language so I am really pleased with those. I like being at this school, because, as we are in a small year group, the teachers know you well. The education that I have got here has prepared me for the next step. I’d like to do automotive engineering as a career. It is something I have always wanted to do and I’d like to work for one of the top marques.’

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