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BWA successes #3

Here’s the final instalment of GCSE news from Brooke Weston Academy, with more about the Academy's highest achievers and what they are planning next.

Dominik Cusk was awarded eight 9s and two 7s, and A** for further maths and A for maths. He said: ‘I am proud of all of these and will stay on for Sixth Form. I am hoping to do maths, further maths, chemistry, physics and computer science. I want to go to university but don’t know what I want to study. I’ve got these results through lots of hard work and if, you ever need help, then the teachers at Brooke Weston Academy are there for you.’

Sebastian Hodgkinson is celebrating his six 9s, an 8, a 7 and an A*and A. He said: ‘I am most pleased


about the amount of 9s because I genuinely didn’t expect it and a lot of the 9s came in subjects that were definitely some of my weaker ones, such as the sciences, which is the biggest surprise. I am going to study economics, maths and geography at A Level as they all encompass economics skills, which is what I want to study at university. I have really enjoyed Brooke Weston 100% and all the teachers have been good, but I’d especially like to thank Miss Hibbins for English as she created a really good environment, Miss Doherty because she pushed me on to the A* and Mrs Price, because even though 7 was my lowest grade, that was really good because I struggled in French a lot.’


Joel Camara achieved seven 9s and two 7s and an A*. He said:  ‘I am coming back to do physics, further maths and maths plus one other subject. I’d like to study mechanical or nuclear engineering and I am planning to apply to a top university like Cambridge or Oxford. I’d like work in F1 eventually – my favourite team is Mercedes AMG. I have really enjoyed my time at Brooke Weston and there has been a lot of support from the teachers.’

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