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CCF Remembrance Parade and Beret Presentation

Our Trust Combined Cadet Force paid tribute to the fallen in their Annual Remembrance Parade.

The event, held at Corby Business Academy, was watched by parents, our CEO, Principals and senior leaders from our secondary academies. The Banner of the CCF was paraded and the cadets formed up in ceremonial parade order before the wreath was placed and the Banner lowered to mark the start of a two-minute silence, with newly promoted LCpl Oram playing the 'Last Post.'

Following the Remembrance Parade there was also an Awards and Beret Presentation. Contingent Commander Capt Matt Isherwood invited CTS’s Principal, Angela Reynolds to present promotions to cadets moving up the ranks.

Simon Underwood, Head of School at Corby Business Academy, presented the newest recruits with their berets and half and full stars, which signify they have completed the Army proficiency course, including fieldcraft, to a basic standard. They will now start on the advanced infantry course  and will earn yellow stars on successful completion of the training.

LCpl Jack Chisholm.

The Waterloo Shield for Endeavour was awarded to LCpl Jack Chisholm from Corby Technical School and it was collected in his absence by the school’s Principal Angela Reynolds. Capt Isherwood said: ‘This has been presented to a young man who has a physical difficulty but who does not give up.  It has been awarded to him for his exemplary standard whilst at camp and, in particular, for shooting.’

Acting Cpl Tate Eppey.

The Best First Year Cadet award was presented to Acting Cpl Tate Eppey from BWA. Capt Isherwood said: ‘She has taken on additional duties and helped members of staff out on numerous occasions.’

Acting Cpl Tinashe Ruzane.

The Best Overall Cadet award was awarded to Acting Cpl Tinashe Ruzane from Corby Technical School. Capt Isherwood told the audience: ‘The Best Cadet Award is a real honour to achieve.’

The final award was the Infantry Cup which is

Acting Sgt Cook.

given to the best military performer in the field. Capt Isherwood said: ‘This is handed to the senior cadet who has led, both on parade times at CBA and also out on our field training weekends. I have great pleasure to present this to Acting Sgt Cook.’

Cadets rounded off the afternoon’s proceeding with a march-past and salute. The parade had been co-ordinated and run by CSgt Dylan Wilson from Corby Business Academy, who did a sterling job. One of our former Senior Cadets, Sgt Pete Sammons, who has now left school,  returned to show his support for his younger counterparts and to acknowledge the positive impact that being part of the CCF has had. 

Afterwards Tate Eppey from Brooke Weston Academy said: ‘I am really shocked about winning the Best New Cadet Award but I am really happy. I have learned a lot in cadets about fieldcraft but the most important part has been the teamwork element and helping people work together. I love cadets so much and am trying to get the most out of the experience that I possibly can as I want to go into the RAF when I am older.’

Oscar Cook, who is in Year 12 at Kettering Science Academy said: ‘This is my third year in cadets. It has given me teamwork skills and I have worked on my individual skills and get to interview some of the cadets when they are signing up. I had hoped, but didn’t expect to get the Infantry Cup so when it was awarded to me I was really chuffed!’

LCpl Jack Chisholm from Year 11 at Corby Technical School, said: ‘I had no idea that I would get the Waterloo Shield. I suffer from a painful medical condition which affects my joints and back so I have had to struggle a bit more than everyone else throughout the whole year but I have definitely enjoyed it. When I am doing field weekends and activities I have to make sure that I am medicated properly and I try to push myself harder than most others. I want to pursue a career in the Army and am looking to become a vehicle engineer on the front lines.’

Cpl Tinashe Ruzane, also in Year 11 at Corby Technical School, was named Best Cadet. He said: ‘I think I got this through getting involved, helping, having a good time and making the most of the opportunity that I have been given. My favourite part of cadets is the field weekend as it takes you out of your comfort zone and is interesting and fun at the same time. I have been thinking of going into engineering in the military.’

To see more pictures of the day, click  here.

Promotions were as follows:

To LCpl:  Cdt Alfano, Cdt Bhamjee, Cdt Chiholm, Cdt Crombeholme, Cdt Gatens, Cdt Haigh, Cdt McBeath, Cdt Newell, Cdt Oram, Cdt Peterson, Cdt Simcoe, Cdt Lezava, Cdt Gribben and Cdt Sulch.

To Acting Cpl:  LCPl Stapleton, Cdt Eppey, Cdt Ile, LCpl Januszewska, LCpl Ruzane, Cdt Walkusz and Cdt Lay.

To Acting Sgt:  Cpl Cook

To Acting CSgt:  Sgt Wilson

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