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Oakley Vale student looking forward to joining BRIT Kids!

Well done to deputy head boy, Tony Mutano,  from Oakley Vale Primary School, who has been nominated to take part in BRIT Kids performing arts classes.

The creative classes run on Saturday morning at Corby Business Academy and the organisers have asked schools in the Trust to nominate students to take part. Tony was chosen by Oakley Vale staff as he has performed well and has an interest in acting.

Tony, from Year 6 said: ‘I will be going to BRIT Kids from January to July and I’ll be doing two classes a week so I am very happy and glad to have been chosen. One of my friends, Jayden, already goes there and says how good they are.

‘I want to do acting and music production as I want to be taught how to memorise scripts. I want to be an actor as I see them on television and I admire them. I also wanted to do music production because I like music and I wanted to learn how to create it. I am really looking forward to starting the classes.’

The spring term classes start again this Saturday and run every week until 30 March.  

For more information on BRIT Kids and how to apply, please click here.

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