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Oakley Vale students are Superheroes!

Reception class students at Oakley Vale Primary School got off to a flying start this term with their topic on Superheroes.

They dressed up as their favourite characters and talked about the sort of powers they would each like to have.  

Teacher Nic McNab said: ‘The majority of our children came dressed up as superheroes and we also had masks and a dressing up box for them as well. Each week we are going to use a “book as a hook” for our work. We have read “Charlie’s Superhero Underpants” and “Supertato” and we will be using others like “Superworm”.  

'We will also be talking about real life superheroes, like firefighters, or special members of the children’s families. We have got lots of books and resources lined up and the children have been talking about their ideal superhero costume and superpowers. The whole topic is really capturing their imaginations.











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