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Oakley Vale students create wormery linked in with topic work

Students at Oakley Vale created a wormery as part of a project on Superheroes. The Reception children were especially fond of reading about ‘Superworm’ and so they prepared a purpose built wormery with sand and soil, ready for its new residents.

The wormery is part of the recently constructed outside space and there are also plans to introduce a garden area where the children can grow vegetables and flowers.

Reception teacher Nicky McNab said: ‘The children loved preparing the wormery, layering it with  soil and sand, so they learned about repeated patterns and capacity as they used different sized buckets. They tidied up leaves that had dropped off the trees and used them as a top layer. They have really enjoyed doing it and we found worms from the allotment, which we put into the wormery.

‘The learning objectives were understanding the world, looking at the environment and seeing how changes occur. This leads into our next topic which is Paws, Claws, Fur and Feathers when we will be looking at mini beasts. We set up a bench in front of the wormery and they did descriptive writing outside. The whole project also involved a lot of maths, communication and turn taking, which the children did beautifully.

We are hoping to develop our garden and want to plant a mixture of salads and herbs that the children can grow from scratch so if anyone has donations of plants, seeds or gardening equipment then we would be pleased to have them.’

To see more pictures from the project, click  here.

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