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Year 3s enjoy Greek Day

Year 3 students dressed up as Greeks and made special clay pots to mark the end of their topic on the civilisation. Parents were also invited in to help decorate the pots and take part in the fun.

Teacher Genevieve Hearne said: ‘We decided to dress up as Greeks and made some lovely pots. The children loved it. The parents came along and were helping to decorate them. We have been learning that Greek pots actually told stories with tales written on one side that finished on the other side. The students also had to find out facts about the Greeks and stick them on the homework wall. They learned about Greek gods and goddesses and more about the country and its culture. Without the Greeks we wouldn’t have a theatre so we were looking at theatres now and comparing them to the Greek theatre. The students were also really fascinated about the Olympics. It is a great topic!’

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