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Ambition for All launches at Oakley Vale Primary School

The Brooke Weston Trust’s Ambition for All campaign has launched at Oakley Vale Primary School with a vehicle show, including cars, trucks and even a fire engine!

Students had a brief assembly and then took turns to look around emergency ones, complete with lights and sirens, through to jeeps, sports, stock and rally cars.  The event marked the launch of a month-long series of activities with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) focus.

Maths subject leader Frankie Barrington said: ‘The aim is to provide a clearer link in the school between the subjects for the children. We invited parents and people from the community to bring their vehicles for the show and had all different kinds parked on the playground. The children had an introductory assembly and then went to look around the cars and talk to the drivers. The children were really excited and it was a fun way to kick off Ambition for All.’

Each class was given a skateboard and given the challenge to build a car on it, which will be raced today (Friday 8 March) when parents will also come and watch proceedings. There will also be a raffle for a special car themed cake.

Other activities this week have included a paper aeroplane competition. Students were asked to design and make a paper aeroplane at home and bring it to school for a showdown to see which flew the furthest and fastest.

World Maths Day and World Book Day also fell during the Ambition for All launch week and so the students, working in different year groups, continued the STEM theme by researching different scientists using non-fiction texts and doing a range of cross curricular maths activities.

Ms Barrington said: ‘As Ambition for All spans the whole of March we are also organising some workshops and are hoping to get science workshops for Years 1 and 2, robotics workshops for Years 3 and 4 and some drones in for Years 5 and 6. Hopefully someone from the Fire Service will also visit to tell students about how they use drones in emergency situations. It has certainly been an action-packed start for Ambition for All and we know the children have enjoyed all the activities.’

To see more pictures from Ambition for All at Oakley Vale click here.

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