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Sian is designated an SLE

Well done to Sian Pettitt, a Year 3 teacher at Peckover Primary School on her recent designation as a Specialist Leader in Education.

Her expertise is in literacy and she is looking forward to working collaboratively with other schools, giving them support and sharing best practice.

Sian has been a teacher for four years, having done a placement and her NQT year there. She is now head of PE and PSHE and is also working towards her National Professional Qualification in Middle Leadership at the Brooke Weston Teaching School.

Sian always wanted to be a teacher and loves the difference that she can make to young people’s lives: ‘Working in the same year group has given me a great knowledge and understanding of where the children need to get to and we do lots of different themes. We link literacy up in so many different ways and teach all genres of writing in Year 3. Because of all the different experience I have had, which includes mentoring an NQT, I have had quite a lot of supportive roles already and so the SLE role seems the logical next step. 

‘I am most looking forward to going into schools and sharing my experience, even if it is just suggesting something that they can tweak or add into their existing practice. Also they may also do things that I can then bring back into my own work. It is about collaboration rather than just going and telling them what to do. It would be good to share expertise. It might be that I then reflect on my own practice and think I could probably do with a bit of extra work with this or look at changing that a bit.

‘At the moment I am doing my NPQML.  I do feel supported by Brooke Weston Trust and I started the course last September. Through that I am running and leading a literacy based project which will be quite good for my SLE role as well.

‘Working with children is something I always wanted to do. I love the idea that I can make a difference to so many children’s lives and almost change what their future could be, inspire them and get them to believe in themselves. That is why I like working here as a teacher.’

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