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Beanfield Primary focuses on attendance

Staff at Beanfield Primary School are pleased that interventions put in place to boost attendance are paying dividends. The school’s figure currently stands at over 97% with still a term to go before the trophy is awarded to the Trust primary with the best attendance figure.

Beanfield has run special events throughout the year to highlight the importance of regular and punctual attendance. Education welfare assistant Callum Reilly said: ‘Our attendance figure at the moment is amazing. During every Monday assembly we talk about attendance. Each term we have a prize draw so any child with 98% or more with no lates has a chance to win cinema vouchers, and we also have a competition that runs throughout the year. The KS1 and KS2 class that has the best attendance overall, and the individual students who have also achieved 100% with no lates, will get a prize. The KS1 children will have a party in school with bouncy castles and candy floss machines, while the KS2 children have a trip to Wicksteed Park. It is a hotly contested prize.

'These events are a way of thanking our children and parents for their efforts over the year making sure children are in school. We can see a huge difference where we are with attendance this year, which is down to the massive priority we give it as a Trust and school, getting parents behind it and supporting parents where needed. It is a relentless drive but we, and the children can see the rewards. Ultimately if they are in school every day it has a massive impact on their development, attainment, friendships and social skills.’

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