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Oakley Vale ends Collaboration Week with musical finale

Parents came along to support Oakley Vale Primary students with the musical finale which ended the school's very successful Collaboration Week.

The students had taken part in a variety of activities over the week including a geography day, mental health awareness, outdoor cooking and art projects. Each of the year groups took part and, after the topics, toured each other's classrooms to find out what everyone had been up to. It was the first time that the school has run the Collaboration Week and it was such a success with students and staff that it may not be the last.

Vice Principal Katie Mason said: 'The musical finale was a great way of rounding off the week. Parents came along and listened to songs which the students had been working on for weeks. Thanks to everyone that attended, we hope you enjoyed what our students had done during this very busy week.'

Principal Emma Goodwin said: 'It has been a very exciting time and an opportunity to explore different areas of the curriculum in a bit more detail. The children have had lots of different experiences, produced lovely art, geography topics, thought about mindfulness and wellbeing and enjoyed the outdoor cooking. We had a whole-school picnic which was lovely environment as all of the year groups were able to sit together. This week has been so good that we would like to have this as a regular event and get all the school involved in the same activities.'

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