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Wellbeing Week launches at Beanfield

Beanfield Primary School is gearing up for a whole week of wellbeing for staff and students with special events and ways to make people feel good.

As well as special lunchtime discos on Monday and Friday and a ‘wear what makes you happy day’ the school is implementing a ‘thank you’ system where people can write special messages for friends, colleagues and teachers and pop them in a special postbox.

The school is also running a ‘happy cake’ competition where students can design the smiliest, feel-good bakes and the week will be rounded off with a special Father’s Day tea where students can invite male members of their family for a special time of refreshments and cakes. Tickets are on sale from today.

Beanfield’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Manager, Sarah Fleming, said: ‘We have a very big focus on wellbeing throughout the year and making sure that staff and students feel valued and appreciated. One of our recent schemes has been ‘You’ve Been Mugged’ where staff are surprised with a mug full of goodies.  We decided to have an entire week focussed on wellbeing and showing appreciation for our students and colleagues in a lot of different ways. This creates a very positive atmosphere around the school for everyone. Our Mother’s Day tea was very popular and I am sure the Father’s Day event will be just as special.’

Staff receiving 'Mugs of Happiness.'

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