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BWA students awarded Pixl Edge certificates

Well done to our first cohort of Year 8 students who have been awarded their Pixl Edge certificates. The students had to successfully complete two tasks in five different key skills and register their progress online.

Teacher Camilla Kerr said: ‘The programme looks at key skills necessary for successful futures and successful lives. For example in the areas of learning, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication. For each key attribute students had to complete two activities per attribute. The activity can last a lesson or a term, it is completely up to the student. So for leadership it could be leading assembly or an aspect of a lesson or doing something outside of school. Students then had to write it up, analyse it, evaluate how effective it was and then get that signed off by the tutor.  All students start the programme in Year 7 and these are the first ones to complete it so I am really proud of them.’

Student Luke Wright said: ‘I liked doing assemblies because it took a lot of confidence to stand up in front of the whole audience. It was easy to balance Pixl Edge with our studies because we did it at tutor time one day a week.’

Phoebe Robertson said: ‘I liked being challenged to do things that we wouldn’t normally do. I committed to walking my dog each day for a team and I and two other girls also did a 10 mile walk for a local charity.’

Jack Edwards said: ‘I represented my form in javelin and shotput at sports day and so I wrote about it online under the category of resilience.’

Scarlett Dawson said: ‘I liked all of it because it gave me the opportunity to do things I never normally would and it gave me confidence and motivation. It reminds you to keep organised with all your schoolwork. My favourite activity was doing an Easter Egg hunt for young children with my youth group. I would say to other people on the programme to take part because Pixl Edge can help you be more confident.’

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