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Levia will ‘live the dream’ at Cambridge

Congratulations to Levia Yee from Brooke Weston Academy, who has described winning her place to study at Cambridge as a ‘dream’.

Levia attained A*s in Maths, Biology and Chemistry plus an A in Further Maths. She was originally going to study at UCL, but because of her higher than predicted grades, she was able to reapply to Cambridge and was accepted to study Natural Sciences at Trinity Hall.

Levia said: ‘I emailed to let them know my grades and they rang me back on Results Day evening to offer me a place. I can’t describe it, I was really, really happy because Cambridge has always been the dream and the university that I always wanted to go to. For them to offer me a place to study there was an amazing feeling!

‘I haven’t visited Trinity Hall yet so it will be surprise when I eventually get there but I know that I am going to be happy. For Natural Sciences you study three modules. I am thinking of doing biology of cells, physiology of organisms and chemistry. There is also a maths module which is compulsory for all first year students.

‘I am nervous because I know that the workload will be intense at Cambridge. For example they have Saturday lectures so hopefully I will be able to adjust. I am looking forward to working with scholars that are so recognised in their fields. To talk with them and be taught by them is amazing. It will take a lot of getting used to!

‘I don’t know what I want to do as a career, but I definitely want to go into some sort of research. I am sure that this course will help me find out what I really enjoy and want to work at.

‘The support that I got from all my teachers at Brooke Weston Academy was amazing. The jump from GCSE to A Level was incredible. If I needed help the teachers were always there for me. I definitely think that a lot of my success is due to all my science and maths teachers.’

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