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CBA achieves areas of improvement in GCSE performance measures

Corby Business Academy has seen improvements in attainment performance measures at GCSE level.

There has been almost a 4% increase in students achieving grades 9 -5 in English and Maths, almost a 7% increase in those achieving grades 9 -5 in Maths, and a slight increase in students who achieved 9 - 4 in English.

In Combined Science there was a 4% increase in students who achieved grades 9 - 5 and almost a 2 % rise in students who achieved grades 9 - 7.

There was good progress in students achieving the Ebacc measure, with an 8% increase in students who achieved a standard pass and a 5% increase of in those who achieved a strong pass.

Furthermore, there was an increase in students who achieved a strong pass in a modern Foreign Language, with an increase of almost 11%, as well as almost a 4% rise in students achieving a standard pass.

A number of individual subjects also increased the amount of students achieving a top grade of 9 in their studies, with Business Studies, Computer Science, English Language and History leading the way.

Finally, the Academy recorded improved subject outcomes for students achieving grade 5 or above, with a 4%  increase in this measure. 

Top performers included Oliwia Piskor (three 9s, two 8s, two Distinction *s, two 7s, and two 6s), Sophie Layton-Matthews (one 9, three 8s, two 7s, one Distinction, one 6 and one 5) and Joe Shirlaw (one 9, three 8s, two 7s, three 6s and one 5).

There was also individual success with the progress that students made during their secondary education. These included Paula Gogoza, Oliwia Piskor, Lizete Muneice and Igor Pereszczako, who all achieved results that included grades 9 - 7 or Distinction *s. 

There is a rise in internal students meeting the entry criteria for Sixth Form studies at Corby Business Academy, which looks set to increase the number of students enrolling for the forthcoming academic year.

Heads of School, Simon Underwood and Nicola Treacy said in a joint statement: 'We are pleased and keen to acknowledge that many of our students now have the attainment grades to pursue their next pathway.

'The subject area gains in attainment are a good foundation for the students themselves and also for the Academy as a whole. Again, the biggest success stories have come from those who have combined efforts between students, staff and parents or carers.

'The Academy will continue with its drive for further improvements and we wish all our young people the best in their next destinations.'

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