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Brooke Weston Academy consultation - school operating hours

Introducing an Elective Programme and changes to Academy operating hours

At Brooke Weston Academy we are always looking to provide the best possible education for every young person that comes to our Academy. We routinely benchmark our offer against other outstanding schools across the region to ensure we are looking forward and identifying opportunities to improve the experience we offer to students, maintain our high quality of education, and exceed the expectations of national, statutory requirements. 

We have identified an area that we believe can be made stronger – namely our wider curriculum offer. We feel we can provide all our students with the chance to participate in and enjoy an exciting programme of additional learning, creative and enrichment activities which we will call our Elective Programme. 

Our planned curriculum changes allow us to offer our young people wider and deeper opportunities for personal development and enrichment – critical parts of any young person’s growth, promoting the development of essential life skills and personal confidence that are key to success in adult life.   

While we already offer a few after school clubs, our current school timetable means that many students who need to use buses are unable to take advantage of these opportunities. We want to ensure that every student has access to everything we can offer, and we guarantee equity for all. 

The proposed Brooke Weston Academy Elective Programme will offer a variety of programmes under the following themes: Arts, Cultural and Physical. 

Students in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 will have the chance to attend 4 elective programmes and a core PSHE programme during each school year. Students in Years 11 and 13 will also do this, but where appropriate their elective programmes will focus on exam preparation, study skills and key subject gap sessions across the year and in terms 3 and 4 for all students. 

It is also crucially important that we can recruit and retain exceptional staff in our pursuit of excellence. It is important that our staff feel fulfilled in their work, can focus on improving and delivering best practice in their classrooms, whilst being able to maintain their work-life balance. The proposed changes also assist us in meeting this aim whilst retaining the unique culture and high standards that are the hallmark of Brooke Weston. 

We believe these proposals represent an exciting new chapter for Brooke Weston Academy in which we will build upon the great foundations and legacy of the past whilst updating our offer for future generations of students.  

Before finalising our plans, we welcome your views on these proposals and invite you to leave your comments on our consultation survey by Friday 29th April. 

Our governors will review the responses we receive from parents, staff and pupils and other stakeholders before coming to a final decision. The outcome of the consultation will be communicated during the summer term 2022. 

More information on this consultation can be found in the following letter:

School Operating Hours Consultation - 22-03-2022

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