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Trust launches a ‘Looked After Children’ Forum

Staff from across the Trust schools took part in a seminar to look at the needs of, and provision for, Looked After Children.

The training was delivered by Vicky Stott (Joint Acting Head of the Virtual School), Rob Cox (Education Officer) and Debbie Milton (Acting Education Officer) who are members of the Local Authority’s Virtual School team.


Trust Education Welfare Officer Martine Boyd said: ‘We want to increase our working links and gain more knowledge and understanding of what the Local Authority requires regarding outcomes and plans for Looked After Children, while also looking at the new White Paper that has been published. After this session, the Northants schools can have another free training session; this one was aimed at senior leaders and the next will be for another level of staff.

‘One of the most important things is to ensure we are using Pupil Premium Plus funds to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Looked After Children are one of the most vulnerable identified groups and it is essential to raise their attainment and address inequalities. As they are entitled to extra resources, we need to assess what additional provision can be implemented; be creative and transparent with how individual schools are effectively using this money and monitor the outcomes to increase these students’ life chances and raise their achievements.’

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