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Martine designated as Trust whistleblowing officer

Education Welfare Officer Martine Boyd has been appointed as the ‘whistle-blowing’ officer for the Trust.  

If any Trust employee has a complaint or concern that isn’t able to be dealt with informally or at a school level, then they need to put their complaint in writing to Martine and a formal process of investigation will begin.

Whistleblowing refers to complaints that are in the public interest and examples may include: 

  • A criminal offence
  • That someone’s health and safety is in danger
  • Risk or actual damage to the environment
  • A miscarriage of justice
  • If the organisation is breaking the law or
  • If you believe someone is covering up wrongdoing.

The whistleblowing aspect does not cover personal grievances, eg bullying, harassment or discrimination unless your particular case is in the public interest, and these sorts of issues should be reported with reference to the Trust policies that are available on the staff section of the website.

Generally, if someone has a concern they should initially raise it with their manager or the manager’s superior. It that is not possible then it should be escalated up to the Principal of their school in the first instance. If the issue is unresolved at that stage then please report it under the Whistleblowing policy.

Martine said: ‘This process is for employees to flag up any issues that they feel haven’t been properly addressed. Many of these complaints and grievances can be averted by discussion at an early stage so that they can be dealt with and not be transformed into serious full-blown whistle blowing issues. All complaints must be submitted in writing so that an investigation can begin.  Whistleblowing covers a broad spectrum of issues and people may not be aware that we have a dedicated policy and officer in place. If people have concerns that they wish to raise they can contact me via email or telephone 01536 396366. I can assure staff members that everything will be dealt with as rationally and professionally as possible.’


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