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Introducing the Trust’s Director of Humanities

Mr Mike McGeown is looking forward to his new role as Brooke Weston Trust’s first Director of Humanities. He is currently responsible as Head of Humanities, Business and Social Sciences at a large Northamptonshire comprehensive and is the only appointee on the Trust Director team appointed from an external school.

He said: ‘This is a unique job that will allow me to use my experience of working in a range of different settings. The role is exciting and I will be looking for and sharing best practice whilst providing one-to-one coaching, support and guidance within all of the Trust schools.’

Mr McGeown has been in the profession for 15 years and, from September, will undertake his Director role for three days per week, teaching history at Kettering Science Academy for the remainder.

He said: ‘In my current job I am in charge of a ‘super-faculty’ with eight subjects, seven of them outside my own subject specialism of History. That has given me a broad experience of working with different teachers and different subject teams. I have also managed significant change within my current school and have worked as part of the senior leadership team where my role has been to lead quality assurance, assessment and feedback.

'This new role will be different as I will be working solely within the subject specialisms of Humanities but across a range of schools. The first thing I will do is visit the individual departments, looking at strengths, weaknesses and identifying where we can improve. It will give me the ability to have a massive impact across a range of schools, rather than impacting just one school.

‘I have taught history for a long time over all the key stages. My strengths lie in my calm and enthusiastic approach and I consider myself very much a team player. I look forward to building strong bonds across all the different areas of the subjects within Humanities and across all of the Brooke Weston Trust schools. That will be a key part of the job.’

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