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Ambition for All

The Ambition for All campaign is a single focus on improving academic outcomes and opportunities for character development that has run in all our Trust schools throughout the 2017-18 and 2018-19 academic years.  It underpins, reinforces and celebrates the first, and most important, of our Trust core values.   

Ambition for All is about a mindset as much as a set of actions. It applies to all areas of our operation to ensure students receive the highest quality teaching and wider development opportunities within a supportive and encouraging environment, where adults live and breathe ambition for student success in all its forms. Implicit within this approach is a focus on the progress of disadvantaged students and of high ability students, whatever their background.

This campaign is also about enthusing and enabling our staff to be their best, to have the heart, passion and drive to engender Ambition for All and to model that in the classroom and beyond in practical and innovative ways. For staff Ambition for All will represent a commitment by the Trust to offer professional development, wider experiences beyond their current employment and assist with the next steps towards their personal career goals.  Ambition for All will be the beating heart of the Trust’s operation. 

Each Academy Principal, Chair of Governors and our CEO Dr Andrew Campbell signed a personalised pledge for each school which they display prominently. There is also Ambition for All signage in all 450 of our Trust classrooms.

The Ambition for All pledge

At ……….. Academy we are ambitious for all. We pledge to provide the best possible service for all of the children in our classes and care. We will do everything in our power to help every child make good progress academically and flourish as individuals ready for the next stage of their education and the world beyond school.  

We promise to care enough and to challenge enough so we can say, with honesty and pride, that every child here is helped to become the best they can be, regardless of their circumstance or starting point. 


Key areas of Ambition for All in schools:

To embed Ambition for All throughout our operation we have four interlinked strands of the project to include:

•       Personal Development for staff and students

Broadening experiences/curriculum enrichment, a wider range of opportunities for all students: cultural, sporting, and aspirational; high attendance and high engagement, personal and professional development 

•       Strong Leadership

Strong LGBs to support and challenge, training and development for current/aspiring SLT and Middle Leaders, Ambition For All as a standing item on every LGB meeting agenda with specific focus on progress of disadvantaged and more able students 

•       High Quality Teaching

Quality training, innovation, stretch and challenge for and by teachers, highly effective classroom practice, curriculum alignment, working together 

•       Great Progress and Outcomes

Student targets from a common BWT flightpath, rigorous assessment and tracking, effective targeted intervention, data driven improvement 


Ambition for All news and photo-galleries:

Ambition for All initiatives will be celebrated throughout the years with constantly updated news and photo galleries on the website. Please visit our News section, or our Twitter or Facebook feeds to see our latest stories celebrating the best of Ambition for All.

Students from each of our schools got involved in promoting the campaign, the photogallery is available here.


Beanfield Primary students helping to spread the Ambition for All message!