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BWT Governance

Brooke Weston Trust is a company limited by guarantee and a charitable trust.

The Board of Directors governs the academies within the trust and ultimately the funds granted for the provision of education within these academies, as set out in the Articles of Association. Click here for more information about the Board of Directors.

At Brooke Weston Trust we place great significance on the importance of governance in raising school standards and ensuring effectiveness in the running of our academies. Our governors and members are an essential force in providing strategic leadership, effective management and accountability across the Trust and bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise which helps to raise standards of education.

The multi-academy setting provides an excellent opportunity for governors and members across our academies to work together to develop and share best practice and ensure the highest standards are being met for every child, under the wider over-arching vision and values of Brooke Weston Trust.

Much of the work of the Board is delegated to committees as outlined in the Brooke Weston Trust Scheme of Delegation, including:

  • Finance and Resources Committee
  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Remunerations Committee
  • Education Standards Committee
  • Safeguarding Review Group
  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee and
  • a separate committee for each of the academies which works as a Local Governing Body.

The relationship between these committees is one of collaboration to achieve our common goal of ensuring that no child is left behind.

BWT Local Governing Bodies

The Trust Board is ultimately accountable for the performance of all Trust academies, though recognises that LGBs provide a level of challenge and local intelligence that the Board cannot. For each academy within the Trust, the Directors will appoint an LGB to support the Board in undertaking the following responsibilities:

      • Setting the academy’s vision, ethos and strategic direction, aligned to the ethos, vision and strategy of the Trust;
      • Holding the Principal to account for the educational performance of the academy and its students; and
      • Ensuring the academy and staff have the correct resources and support to fulfil their function.

The role of local governance would be to support the implementation of the Trust Strategy around the four key areas of focus: STANDARDS, SAFEGUARDING, SEND and STAKEHOLDERS. Governors will provide an insight into the experience of young people, their parents/carers, staff and the community. They will provide stakeholder feedback to the Board through the newly created Stakeholder Engagement Advisory Group (SEAG). LGBs meet a minimum of three times per year.

The Board of Directors maintains a strong link with the Local Governing Bodies through the Chairs Forum where all academy Chairs meet three times a year to enable wide-ranging discussion of Trust-wide governance, training and skill requirements, strategic developments of the Trust or individual academies and generally share best practice.

For further information about each of our local governing bodies, please follow this link.

Interested in becoming a governor? 

  • Do you want to support children and young people in your community?
  • Do you want to develop your professional skills and experience such as strategic planning, chairing, financial planning, and teamwork?
  • Do you want to build relationships and networks in your locality?

If you have answered 'yes' to any of these questions, please click here for further information about how to become a governor of a Brooke Weston Trust school.  

Brooke Weston Trust Academy Funding Agreements

Brooke Weston Trust currently has funding agreements for each of the following schools:

Supplementary Funding Agreements

Subcommittee Terms of Reference

Remunerations Committee Education Standards Committee
Finance and Resources Committee Chairs Forum
Safeguarding Review Group Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee
Audit and Risk Committee Local Governing Bodies

Financial information

BWT Financial policies, accounts and other documentation can be found here