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Our Team

The Trust is made up of a small team of professionals, the central team, who provide support to schools in a range of areas linked to educational and operational performance. Their profiles can be found below.

Profiles for the Principals in each of our schools can be found below. Further information about each school within the Trust can be found here

  • Sam Eathorne

    Principal, Beanfield Primary School
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  • Jo Fallowell

    Principal, Compass Primary Academy
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  • Emma Goodwin

    Principal, Oakley Vale Primary School
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  • Shaun Strydom

    Principal, Brooke Weston Academy
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  • Jane MacDonald

    Principal, Gretton Primary Academy
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  • Kate Kendal

    Associate Principal, Peckover Primary School
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  • Angela Reynolds

    Principal, Corby Technical School
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  • Tony Segalini

    Principal, Kettering Science Academy
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  • Richard Scott

    Principal, Thomas Clarkson Academy
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  • Simon Underwood

    Principal, Corby Business Academy
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