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The Trust is committed to ensuring transparency and compliance, whilst engaging with existing and new suppliers. We are aware of the need to engage with suppliers and ensure Value for Money (VFM), demonstrating excellent customer service whilst driving down costs, thus ensuring funds are made available to enhance the education of pupils within our schools. 

Frameworks will be used as the first port of call for all of our spending. Where we are asking for quotes to be submitted for smaller spend items/projects we will again utilise companies on existing frameworks where at all possible. 

Existing Suppliers please note:

We recognise many of our smaller existing local suppliers may not be aware of the need for us to follow strict guidance in relation to the spending of public money. Now we operate as a single purchasing authority we are obliged to ensure we adhere to the OJEU regulations.

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Indicative task list

Brooke Weston Code of Conduct - unless stated applies to all contracts