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Staff Benefits


Here are just a few of the benefits we offer to our staff.


Staff CPD

As a Trust, our core values resonate powerfully through our actions, which is why our Centre for Professional Development sits on the founding stone of "Ambition for All" and all staff across the Trust have access to a rich and diverse programme of opportunities. The Centre for Professional Development is also home to Northamptonshire Teaching School Hub, giving our staff access to high quality professional development programmes in a range of different areas. Great for teachers wishing to progress within their careers or learn new and exciting skills.

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TeachersTeachers on our Main Pay Scale receive automatic annual pay progression each September. All of our teachers and leadership roles are part of a supportive and developmental approach to performance and career progression.

SupportMembers of our support team receive automatic annual pay progression each September up to the top of their grade. All of our colleagues are part of a supportive and developmental approach to performance and career progression.


Flexible and Family Friendly Policies

BWT has generous policies for maternity leave, paternity leave, flexible working and discretionary leave. All staff have the right to request flexible working from the first day of their contract. We include an informal stage in our flexible working policy to ensure that any concerns or worries can be discussed and talked through and explored with a senior manager before having to proceed to a formal stage.


Emotional and Legal Support

All staff have free access to Health Assured, a confidential counselling service which has been developed to support the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of employees, as well as offer legal advice. Health Assured also provides staff access to a wellbeing portal with a number of resources, guides and plans for a healthy lifestyle.

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Collaborative Working

As a family of 11 schools in a close geographical area, we have the luxury of being able to work collaboratively with those doing similar roles in different schools, picking up best practice and sharing great ideas.  

To support our staff to develop the best curriculum possible, we believe in collaborative planning and sharing ideas and best practice. We have a team of specialist Directors of Subject, who support this collaborative approach and are up-to-date with the latest subject developments. We regularly get our subject teams and leaders from across the trust together to share best practice and discuss the latest curriculum thinking to develop our staff. We also use our network of external contacts through Northamptonshire Teaching School Hub to support our curriculum development. Our teachers do not work in isolated bubbles when developing the ambitious curriculum our students are entitled to.


Breakfast and Lunches

Subsidised meals for all members of staff who choose to eat in our restaurants and dining areas. BWT is proud to provide all of our catering in-house with fresh and nutritious meals prepared every day in our kitchens and delivered by our in-house catering teams.


Discounted access to our BWT Schools Extended Provision

BWT employees can get 20% off the cost of childcare with access to our Trust schools' extended provisions and wrap-around care facilities.


Finder’s Fee Offer

The most important and valuable asset of our Trust is the committed and passionate staff who contribute to improving the life chances of our young people. However, recruiting good quality teachers can be difficult at times. To help us recruit yet more excellent teachers into our organisation, BWT offers a "finder’s fee" of £1000 per teacher recruited. This is available to any member of staff, whatever their role in the Trust, who introduces a new teacher who fills a vacancy in any of our schools and is still employed as a good teacher 6 months down the line.


Additional Benefits

All staff can borrow up to £1000 to buy a bicycle through the Bike2Work Scheme and save up to 42% on the cost of bicycles and/or safety equipment, reducing your carbon footprint as you go.

The Trust also offers a salary sacrifice scheme to enable our employees a tax-efficient way to afford a brand-new car. Put simply, an employee can swap some of their salary before it is taxed, which means they get more car for a lot less.

BWT also subsidises membership to the Chartered College of Teaching, which provides teachers with access to training and accreditations and is a fantastic source for personal CPD.