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Who We Are


We have come to where we are today through a history of high standards and innovation which dates back to the early days of our first school, Brooke Weston Academy (formerly known as Brooke City Technology College).

Our founding school is currently the best performing secondary school in North Northamptonshire. Regularly topping the GCSE league tables it has a 25 year proven track record and has educated tens of thousands of students who have gone on to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives and make a difference to the world.

The Brooke Weston Academy’s original objective of providing high quality educational experiences which result in outstanding achievement and personal development is at the heart of the Trust’s work today and has laid the foundations for where we are now.

In 2008 under the guidance of Sir Peter Simpson, we opened the Corby Business Academy, turning around a previously failing school which is now on the road to 'good'.

The following year the Kettering Science Academy, became part of our family of schools, and we oversaw a £30m rebuild which has made the school one of the best equipped and impressive in the area.

In 2012 we opened a free Corby Technical School, which is rated as outstanding and is being used as a model for other free schools. In the same year we also became a sponsor for our first school in Cambridgeshire, Thomas Clarkson Academy and added Gretton Primary School and Beanfield Primary School, to our family. In 2013 Peckover Primary School and Oakley Vale Primary became part of our Trust.