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  • Reading for Pleasure

    Published 02/12/21, by Molly Hill

    When thinking about my love of books, I am compelled to draw upon a comparison to magnets. Magnets, I hear you say? Let me explain…

    I would say my hands (led by my heart and head) are the North pole and books are the South pole. Whenever I am around books, I am instantly pulled in their direction! Whether it’s walking into a library, a bookshop, going to a car boot (to name, but a few), I will immediately be pulled to books. I have even been known to completely ignore my friends when I am in the presence of a well-organised bookshelf.

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  • Forest School Development at Gretton Primary School

    Published 26/11/21, by Molly Hill

    After helping out with Forest School 15 years ago, I knew that was where I belonged - outside, exploring and surrounded by laughter and wonder.

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  • From part-time Learning Mentor to Lead DSL/SLT/Trust Advisor

    Published 10/11/21, by Molly Hill

    ‘Ah, you’re just the person I need….’ Quite often the phrase I hear walking through the corridor, or ‘I don’t know who to ask, so I’ve come to you’, that’s another.  Reflecting on my time at Beanfield and thinking about the somewhat challenging times, they are certainly outweighed by far, by the most rewarding times. I’m grateful to hear those comments.

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