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Our Vision and Values


Our mission is to transform educational performance in communities where we work through our long-term commitment to improve student achievement and remove barriers to learning while providing opportunities for personal development.”

Our five core values support this mission and shape every aspect of our culture.

Ambition for all

We believe in the importance of a relentless determination to succeed. Our students are supported to fully achieve their potential and live rewarding lives. We value each student equally and ensure that no-one is left behind. 

High expectations

We have high expectations of every student and staff member. We believe in the virtues of professionalism, hard work and commitment.  As part of this, everyone knows they must live up to the trust that we place in them.

Excellent teaching and support

Our staff share an absolute commitment to ensure each child in the Trust’s care receives the best possible education. We teach under the guiding principle of: ‘Is this good enough for my child?’ 

Working together

As a Trust, our schools work together to support each other, develop innovative ideas and share best practice.  

Contribute to society

Our schools, students and staff take pride in their role in society and work hard to benefit their communities.

Our approach - ‘The BWT Way’ 

We are passionate and unrelenting in our desire to give all our students the best start in life academically and as citizens. Above all, we want them to be highly literate, able to access all the learning necessary to prepare them for a complex, changing, technological and competitive world. We want all our students to be ambitious for themselves and about their futures, whatever their starting point. We will provide the quality of opportunity and support for them to realise their ambitions.

To achieve this, all schools commit to the ‘BWT Way’ – a set of shared expectations of how our schools should be and how they should ‘feel’, defined by two questions we all ask ourselves frequently each day:

  1. Is this good enough for my own child?
  2. Am I caring enough to challenge enough?

Through a strong culture of positive relationships built on core principles of ‘the BWT Way’, we will know all our students well and care about them enough to challenge them enough in the right way.  We want our students to be healthy and happy. We want them to be confident and skilled communicators with the personal values to make good choices and build successful relationships with others from similar and different backgrounds. To do this, we must provide them with the cultural capital to be responsible and tolerant individuals able to make a positive contribution to society.

Please click on the attachments below to find out more about the ‘BWT Way’ expectations in our primary and secondary schools.